The Hiding Mansion

About a year ago I had some insight to an abandoned mansion somewhere in Newtown Connecticut. The only clues I got were that it was behind the flag pole in the center of town, I had to take a right at the fork in the road, and it's blocked off and looks like it use to be a driveway, other than that, I was on my own. I've scoured miles up on that hill looking left and right even using google maps to help me. I found a road that lead to a culdesac that had an older style looking driveway with cobble stone and two flower pots, one on each side with dead plants in them. It was blocked off so i figured this had to be it, but before I could get out of my car the neighbors came home so I figured it'd be best to just leave. The driveway was way to long for me to see a house, so looking on google maps it was nothing but an open field but I didn't know if it was being purposely hidden because i've heard of police and swat practicing within this house doing combat training.  

A couple months passed by and I finally had the chance to run down the driveway but when I did I saw nothing but a Jeep, a log splitter, and an open field so I figured I better get out before I was caught. so after another failed attempt of finding the house I started to give up.  A couple months went by again that brought me to this more recent trip back because I finally got a little it more information. The road where I was looking was 20 feet prior to where I was suppose to be looking, Needless to say the expression "hiding right under your nose" lives on. 

The house is immaculate. out of all the abandoned buildings i've been in, I've never seen one as clean and in tact as this one was. Every mirror, toilet, bath tub, light bulb was in tact. The main bathroom was gorgeous and even had a full standing marble shower with a towel still on the back of the door. and absolutly no grafitti anywhere. It seemed that the only damage I could find were really in the sides of the walls and the windows from the practice rubber bullets the cops would use to practice.

I plan on taking another trip back to experiment a little more but please enjoy the few photos i've taken.