R  E  C  E  N  T    W  O  R  K


January 6th 2018 : I've been trying to expand my portrait sessions as much as possible. Working on new styles and perspectives. I recently met up with Ileana Cardenas in an apartment in Brooklyn and what we created I think was some of my best portrait work so far. 


July 1st 2017 : Slip stream's Pocono Raceway rolling race was a huge success. I'm happy to announce that ill be working with Straight Jacket Motorsports a little bit more often. Although we didn't get to make a final pass because of thunderstorms we were able to push out a 6.94 in a quarter mile at 194 MPH! Hopefully better times to come.

June 24th 2017 : My best friend Alex Vieira moved away to Martha's Vineyard about 2 months ago and being the busy photographer I am I don't have much free time, but I was able to take a trip up to see him and this was also my first time on the island and it more beautiful then he described to me. When we arrived Saturday we were able to grab something to eat and he brought me to a beach close by to his house and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

May 31st 2017 : Another Insane Year of crashes, tire smoke, good vibes. Never going to miss East Coast Bash

June 13th 2017 : Did some work down at Wildwood, New Jersey for CAMBERGANG with Alyssa Pallant and Tatiana Carleo while we were down at Slammedenuff's car show. Was great having some time to enjoy the beach while we were down there.

May 22nd 2017 : It's so hard for me to sum up this car event in a few lines but to make a long story short i've been wanting to attend this show for 3 years before actually getting to make the drive. Me, living in Connecticut, had to plan months in advanced to travel to North Carolina and make the drive in my 2009 Nissan 370z Nismo to where else, but Zdayz. To sum it up it's the countries biggest "Z" event lasting 4 day long, meeting and talking to new people that all share the same passion.  I am so blessed with everything that happened. I've been working with a company by the name of "zociety" that are based out in California and Oscar (owner) along with Ivy Films flew out and stayed with us for the event. In addition, I was able to shoot and talk with some people i've been following for a long time. One being Chris Forsberg, Formula drift Champion for the past 3 years, and got to shoot his amazing Datsun. Finally I was able to work with another very talented driver and model, Bear Dellinger. And to make the unreal feeling of this whole week even better i got to chase both of them in their cars up and down the tail of the dragon, for those who dont know it is 318 turns in 11 miles and americas number 1 road to drive. 

April 16th 2017 : One of my more recent friends I met through the car scene rebuilt his wheels over the winter, new color and wider specs. I was honored to be the photographer to do the release photos!

April 2nd 2017 : My friends took me on a trip to the Catskills mountains in New York. As usual my circle of friends are genuine and it's hard not to have a good time whenever we go adventure. 

April 9th 2017 : First car show of the year and afterwards we all went to one of my really good friends house for an after party. He's had this car for years and its been evolving every year to something completely different. here is this years setup.

March 15th 2017 : My good friends over at Royal Stance had me do some product photography for them!

February 25th 2017 : She's dirty I'm just glad I got to take her out

March 1st 2017 : Boston

January 28th 2017 : New York City

January 1st 2017 : We Have Snow