Flipzco NYC Take Over

My buddy Justin over at Flipzco set up a shoot with a pair of Mazda RX7's for a photoshoot/video in the Big Apple. I'm blessed to be thought of in this exclusive photoshoot with two gorgeous machines. This was also a perfect chance to work on some shots with my beautiful girlfriend, Alyssa. In the meantime, we stayed in a beautiful hotel room on the 36th floor right on time square and while we waited for Justin and his friends to arrive to the city, we had a quick photoshoot. But back to the cars; we ended up staying out until 5 A.M. and in case you've never been to New York City, it is never a dull moment. From drunk women running from cops and falling over themselves to people obsessing over these "space ships", this was definitely something I've never done and was glad to experience.  Aside from losing a whole memory card worth of pictures, here are a few I was able to capture throughout the night. 


Albert Saavedra Jr. - @jayrr_          Alyssa Pallant - @alyssapallant11          George Francisco - @papaflipz_FD3S