Club Loose: Slay Ride

We were grateful to have warm weather this year at Slay Ride down at English town, NewJersey. Their last event of the year and normally their coldest was a surprisingly warm and a great experience.  Seeing as we live in Connecticut it's normally a 2 hour ride but because we had to drive to New Hampshire the night before it ended up being a 5 hour drive, which left us all exhausted.  The main reason we were so excited to go down there is because a couple of our friends in a group called Haggard Garage from Connecticut were going down to drift for the day. What made this even better if our buddy O'rian, which runs haggard garage, twin turbo'd his NA 2jz motor in under a week. So with long hours and complicated set ups why not go down and support him. Professional Formula Drift racers, Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsburg, were also down there and loved his build. It was absolutely a great experience talking to them and enjoying the day with friends. Enjoy some photos from Club Loose's Slay Ride