Club Loose: East Coast Bash

Club Loose's 2015 East Coast Bash was insane this year.  Club loose has a series of different events starting with April 4th's Opening Moves through out the year until December 19th's Slay Ride, but this years East Coast Bash was one of the best turnouts I've ever seen.

The drifting scene in a nutshell is a raw vicious cycle that brings the literal meaning of fix, race, break, and repeat. These guy put everything they have into these cars to enjoy what they love, naturally like life is supposed to be. The only difference is it's a continuous cycle of a love/hate relationship with their cars. 

I attended a good amount of events last year down in Englishtown, New Jersey where they are held and never applied for a media pass so when I finally did this year, the experience was night and day.  Being able to sit on the bleachers behind a fence 150 feet away from the cars is completely different then being 10 feet away, sometimes an arms length when they mess up and drive through the dirt. Being that close is an adrenaline rush all on its own. Standing in the new bank-pit in the last corner and hearing the roaring exhaust bounce off the walls 20 feet away from you is the best sound any car enthusiast can experience.  Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to go for a ride-along but hopefully that can change later in the year. 

"Club Loose - Go Drift or Go to Hell"