Recently, I've connected with a gentleman by the name of Sam Silva and his beautiful Liberty Walk GTR (Bluzilla). My typical day consists of at least two hours of researching Models/ Car Owners / Connections and opportunities around the New England area. For as much as I complain about Connecticut and its locations, it puts me pretty much right in the center of where I need to be. Although the car scene lives all over the united states, I'd say the most heavily populated areas are New England, California, and Florida. Because New England's winters are obviously much worse than Florida and most parts of California it is nearly impossible finding a beauty to shoot through the winter months. Luckily for me, the winter has been mild and after seeing New York plates on Sam's GTR I couldn't wait to try to set up a shoot.  

After contacting Sam for a photoshoot and getting a response that I'm not new to, "When the weather gets better we'll shoot", I brushed it off for later months. A few weeks later I was tagged in an Instagram post saying that this weekend his car would make it to the streets. What started as three people shooting his car, quickly turned into something more. We ended up making a "mini meet" for all of the kids around the area that were sick of cold weather and overall, just miss car season. The turn out was pretty good considering last minute decisions and still being a little cold, but here are some pictures I took from our Greenwich Mini Meet.



Sam Silva - @samsilva_bluzilla          Alyssa Pallant - @alyssapallant11          Qatar - @392