Wicked Big Meet 2015

You + 5000 Friends + Boxer Rumble = WBM

The only and only Wicked Big Meet hosted by Subaru of America. The worlds largest Subaru enthusiast festival held in Stafford Springs is by far one of the biggest meets every year. More and more people come every year from surrounding states and travel hours on end just to see this event. With a day packed full of activities and seeing friends, there are hundreds of raffles and cars going around the track all day long.  Vendors on top of vendors and thats the beginning of it.

Subaru launched their new 2016 color, Electric Blue, as well as Justin from JNA Performance debuting his immaculate Subaru 22b with a full STI motor and drivetrain swap and the wide body work to go with it, making it incredible. 

The exhaust competition is one of every ones favorite, which results in fighting just for a spot to watch, but even with all that fun, the best part of the day was when our friends girlfriend won a raffle to ride in the rare Subaru STi S206.  

I got to share some great laughs with good friends and as usual, I loved seeing all the new faces.  Enjoy the pictures from 2015's Wicket Big Meet!