Rockland Psychiatric Center

The thing I love about exploring abandoned buildings is not to trespass, not to vandalize, but to capture a structure in which at one point had working order and served a purpose. I believe in only taking pictures and leaving nothing but footsteps. I constantly get asked why I like to adventure into these "dirty, disgusting, run down" places, and truth is it amazes me. It doesn't matter if it's an abandoned hospital or an abandoned sugar factory, what amazes me is the fact that hundreds of people all inhibited a building and it served a purpose, then 10,20,30 years of sitting and decomposing, it still holds years of memories. Myself, along with Alex Vieira and Alyssa Pallant decided to take a trip up to New York to explore an old psychiatric center that contains pesticides and can not be torn down.

What seemed to blow my mind was that there was still so much left in the buildings, from kids toys to bowling balls and shoes. It was as if they picked up all their stuff and just left. We even found a kids photo album and posters of their photos posted on the wall which really hit home walking through the hallways.

As mentioned above, my friend Alex came on this trip. He makes YouTube videos and decided to make a video of our journey. Feel free to watch above!

Here are a few images from our adventure!