Joey's RHD 240sx

I always had a weak spot in my heart for 240's. They're bold, raw, and pretty much in this day in age, a blank canvas where the sky is the limit. Rarely do you see a 240 that isn't modified and if you do, it's a project just waiting to happen. Various motor swaps, interior design, body kits, exhaust setups side dumps, slammed, camber, drifting, you name it. This car was made to be modified and thats just what Joey did. 

I originally wanted to do a Big Country Labs (BCL) collection and shoot cars with big wings so as my search started I stumbled across Joey; a New Hampshire resident who is no new kid on the block when it comes to 240's. This being his 6th or 7th, he wanted to make sure to do everything right. After trashing a handful of SR20's, he contemplated V8 or RB25; both of which would be a solid choice, but the harder more interesting swap would have been the RB. Im sure you can guess which one he went with. If the beautiful sound of an RB wasn't good enough, he successfully converted the 240 to RHD completely on his own in his small, powerless, garage; and thats only the start of it.

Here is his complete modification list and pictures to follow. Enjoy 

Special thanks to Joey, for letting me shoot his awesome machine and Alyssa and Cindy for modeling. Follow them all on Instagram!

Joey - @thatrhd240                    Alyssa - @alyssapallant11                    Cindy - @cindytieuxo

Vehicle: 1992 Nissan 240sx Hatch

Exterior: Full respray (metallic white with a heavy gold flake) , Varrstoen ES6 18x9.5 et +10 / 18x10.5 et +15, Origin Body Kit,  Engine bay fully shaved, tubbed, and tucked wiring Sprayed Valencia Orange from the BMW 1M, Big Country Labs GT wing

Engine: S1 RB25DET, Apexi PowerFC standalone, Holset HY35, Tial 38mm Wastegate, Tial 50mm BOV, Custom turbo back straight pipe exhaust, Nismo 740cc injectors, Walbro 255 hi-flow fuel pump, McKinney Motor mounts, Driveshaft Shop Single Piece Driveshaft, Greddy Front Mount Intercooler (custom piping), Greddy Intake Manifold, OS Giken Super Single clutch

Suspension: Fortune Auto 500 coils, Extended FLCA, ISIS RUCA (before the name change), Tein tension rods, Tein inner tie rods

Interior: Right hand drive conversion, Bride Low Max Vios 2's, Bride rails, 4 point cage, Grip Royal detachable steering Wheel.



Recently, I've connected with a gentleman by the name of Sam Silva and his beautiful Liberty Walk GTR (Bluzilla). My typical day consists of at least two hours of researching Models/ Car Owners / Connections and opportunities around the New England area. For as much as I complain about Connecticut and its locations, it puts me pretty much right in the center of where I need to be. Although the car scene lives all over the united states, I'd say the most heavily populated areas are New England, California, and Florida. Because New England's winters are obviously much worse than Florida and most parts of California it is nearly impossible finding a beauty to shoot through the winter months. Luckily for me, the winter has been mild and after seeing New York plates on Sam's GTR I couldn't wait to try to set up a shoot.  

After contacting Sam for a photoshoot and getting a response that I'm not new to, "When the weather gets better we'll shoot", I brushed it off for later months. A few weeks later I was tagged in an Instagram post saying that this weekend his car would make it to the streets. What started as three people shooting his car, quickly turned into something more. We ended up making a "mini meet" for all of the kids around the area that were sick of cold weather and overall, just miss car season. The turn out was pretty good considering last minute decisions and still being a little cold, but here are some pictures I took from our Greenwich Mini Meet.



Sam Silva - @samsilva_bluzilla          Alyssa Pallant - @alyssapallant11          Qatar - @392


Snow day!

This has been one of the most mild winters I have ever seen in Connecticut so with whatever snow we got, I tried to shoot as much as possible. Nothing special, but simply a small update and log of some simple pictures and an edit I tried tinkering with.


Aidan Gerety - @gerety          Nia Tofel - @ntofel


Flipzco NYC Take Over

My buddy Justin over at Flipzco set up a shoot with a pair of Mazda RX7's for a photoshoot/video in the Big Apple. I'm blessed to be thought of in this exclusive photoshoot with two gorgeous machines. This was also a perfect chance to work on some shots with my beautiful girlfriend, Alyssa. In the meantime, we stayed in a beautiful hotel room on the 36th floor right on time square and while we waited for Justin and his friends to arrive to the city, we had a quick photoshoot. But back to the cars; we ended up staying out until 5 A.M. and in case you've never been to New York City, it is never a dull moment. From drunk women running from cops and falling over themselves to people obsessing over these "space ships", this was definitely something I've never done and was glad to experience.  Aside from losing a whole memory card worth of pictures, here are a few I was able to capture throughout the night. 


Albert Saavedra Jr. - @jayrr_          Alyssa Pallant - @alyssapallant11          George Francisco - @papaflipz_FD3S        


The Hiding Mansion

About a year ago I had some insight to an abandoned mansion somewhere in Newtown Connecticut. The only clues I got were that it was behind the flag pole in the center of town, I had to take a right at the fork in the road, and it's blocked off and looks like it use to be a driveway, other than that, I was on my own. I've scoured miles up on that hill looking left and right even using google maps to help me. I found a road that lead to a culdesac that had an older style looking driveway with cobble stone and two flower pots, one on each side with dead plants in them. It was blocked off so i figured this had to be it, but before I could get out of my car the neighbors came home so I figured it'd be best to just leave. The driveway was way to long for me to see a house, so looking on google maps it was nothing but an open field but I didn't know if it was being purposely hidden because i've heard of police and swat practicing within this house doing combat training.  

A couple months passed by and I finally had the chance to run down the driveway but when I did I saw nothing but a Jeep, a log splitter, and an open field so I figured I better get out before I was caught. so after another failed attempt of finding the house I started to give up.  A couple months went by again that brought me to this more recent trip back because I finally got a little it more information. The road where I was looking was 20 feet prior to where I was suppose to be looking, Needless to say the expression "hiding right under your nose" lives on. 

The house is immaculate. out of all the abandoned buildings i've been in, I've never seen one as clean and in tact as this one was. Every mirror, toilet, bath tub, light bulb was in tact. The main bathroom was gorgeous and even had a full standing marble shower with a towel still on the back of the door. and absolutly no grafitti anywhere. It seemed that the only damage I could find were really in the sides of the walls and the windows from the practice rubber bullets the cops would use to practice.

I plan on taking another trip back to experiment a little more but please enjoy the few photos i've taken. 


Club Loose: Slay Ride

We were grateful to have warm weather this year at Slay Ride down at English town, NewJersey. Their last event of the year and normally their coldest was a surprisingly warm and a great experience.  Seeing as we live in Connecticut it's normally a 2 hour ride but because we had to drive to New Hampshire the night before it ended up being a 5 hour drive, which left us all exhausted.  The main reason we were so excited to go down there is because a couple of our friends in a group called Haggard Garage from Connecticut were going down to drift for the day. What made this even better if our buddy O'rian, which runs haggard garage, twin turbo'd his NA 2jz motor in under a week. So with long hours and complicated set ups why not go down and support him. Professional Formula Drift racers, Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsburg, were also down there and loved his build. It was absolutely a great experience talking to them and enjoying the day with friends. Enjoy some photos from Club Loose's Slay Ride


Rockland Psychiatric Center

The thing I love about exploring abandoned buildings is not to trespass, not to vandalize, but to capture a structure in which at one point had working order and served a purpose. I believe in only taking pictures and leaving nothing but footsteps. I constantly get asked why I like to adventure into these "dirty, disgusting, run down" places, and truth is it amazes me. It doesn't matter if it's an abandoned hospital or an abandoned sugar factory, what amazes me is the fact that hundreds of people all inhibited a building and it served a purpose, then 10,20,30 years of sitting and decomposing, it still holds years of memories. Myself, along with Alex Vieira and Alyssa Pallant decided to take a trip up to New York to explore an old psychiatric center that contains pesticides and can not be torn down.

What seemed to blow my mind was that there was still so much left in the buildings, from kids toys to bowling balls and shoes. It was as if they picked up all their stuff and just left. We even found a kids photo album and posters of their photos posted on the wall which really hit home walking through the hallways.

As mentioned above, my friend Alex came on this trip. He makes YouTube videos and decided to make a video of our journey. Feel free to watch above!

Here are a few images from our adventure! 

Cousin Love.

My friend Kat recently got her air ride installed in her WRX so she wanted to do a quick photoshoot. The day of, she asked if her cousin could join and I was all for it.  I love seeing family members bond, but it's even better when it's bonding with cars.

Enjoy some photos of Kats WRX along with her cousins!


Adventures to Roxbury

One of my best friends Aidan and I took a fun ride through Roxbury and stumbled across an old private hanger. Although there aren't many photos, we still enjoyed the weather and the adventure.

Enjoy some photos from Roxbury!


Fall Gumball Meet

Although we drove 2 hours only to find out that there were only about 40 people at this event. Fortunately, it still was enjoyable to see some good friends and hangout for the day. After the event, we decided to take an adventure around the area to take pictures and the fall foliage was an awesome sight as always. On our adventure, we came across a wife screaming at us because we thought it was a good idea to take a few quick photos in front of their gated house only to have her pull in. Her husband told us it was fine, but we decided it was best to leave. Take note photographers, do not try pulling in someone's driveway to take photos because it may not go very well.

Enjoy some photos from the Gumball Meet & our after show adventure!


Oh Sweet Aruba: The Adventure

The adventure into Aruba isn't exactly what everyone would expect. For anyone who hasnt been here is brings the literal term to desert island, a lot of poverty, a lot of cacti, gorgeous coast lines and beautiful waters. I was very fortunate to be able to adventure this beautiful island and hopefully can go back some day.

Enjoy our adventure across the island.



Oh Sweet Aruba: The Wedding

Steve has been a really good friend throughout the 2 years I have known him. We met at a local car meet and shortly became very close friends. He's brought me to numerous car events that i've mentioned him before in, but this post is a little different. He's brought me to his in-laws and that was where I met John, Peggy, and more importantly, his fiancé, Ashley. Time went on and they both bought a house in my hometown and from there I've only gotten closer to them both.  I am honored and blessed to have been able to share their most important day in getting married and where else but Aruba.

 Enjoy the pictures from their special day. 


Stacy and Jermaine Jennings Engagement

As stressful as weddings can be, it really brings out the best in not only the bride and groom, but also their families. With the endless amount of memories that are created, it is very important that as many moments as possible can be captured. I am happy to say that I have never seen my  sister as happy as I have seen her on this day and I am blessed to be a part of it. 

Stacy and Jermaine make a beautiful couple so I hope you enjoy their photos!


Alyssa Pallant's x Flipzco Shoot

I recently became a photographer for Flipzco, a drifting team out of New Jersey, and my girlfriend is a big fan as well. We got some clothing and immediately did a shoot. We ended up going to seven or eight different abandoned buildings because our friend Tom wanted to do some graffiti for the shoot, but it was nearly impossible to find a good spot without ruining someone else's art or getting ourselves into trouble. This ended up being quite the adventure for us three.

Enjoy the pictures of the beautiful Alyssa Pallant.


Abandoned Highway. Friends. Car things.

My friend Kyle Bickell wanted to do another quick shoot and this spot has been on my radar for a while now. This is an abandoned highway right before exit 40 on I-84. It was a little sketchy getting onto it having a gate which is almost always closed, but it was well worth it. 

Enjoy some more photos of Kyle Bickell's Subaru!


I Recenty Became a Godfather

My Brother and sister-in-law recently brought another gorgeous baby into this world. Evan Ritch, one of the most adorable kids I have ever seen, was born and I still remember the text a few weeks later from my sister-in-law, Jennifer asking if I wanted to be the God Father with my sister. There were a couple issues because I was never confirmed so rules to the church typically you need to have had a conformation, but she got lucky and the church where she had her previous son Carter baptized, it was not required to have had been confirmed.

I have very extremely happy to call you my god son and here are a few pictures from Evan Ritch's Baptism. 



Clean Culture Auto Fest 2015

Clean Culture never seems to disappoint. There's always awesome cars and you get to meet a variety of different people. Unfortunately,  I forgot my memory cards at home so this is all i have to offer.

Enjoy some photos from Clean Culture Auto Fest!


Summers Finally Here!

Picking out an outfit is never easy so why not have at least 8.  I recently had another chance to shoot with the beautiful Alyssa Pallant and with that came talking until 3 AM picking out which outfits to bring. Over all, I always have a fun time shooting with her and our shoots are more spontaneous than anything. From locations to preparation we seem to be pretty good with procrastinating and coming up with some good shots.

Enjoy some summer photos of the lovely Alyssa Pallant!

Club Loose: Pro Bro Showdown

A Club Loose sunday fun day was conveniently a couple days after the Formula Drift races also held in New Jersey. This was a last minute decision to head down there, but I don't regret that choice at all. Club Loose always puts on a show but with Pros like Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg in their Formula D cars, tt was an easy and well made decision to head down for the day. 

Enjoy the photos from Club Loose Pro Bro Showdown!

Newtown Car Show 2015

The Newtown Car Show located in Newtown, Connecticut was a first for me in the five or so years they've been doing this, but this was by far a better turn out then anyone expected.  The Newtown Car Show is an event for the kids of sandy hook where it gives them an opportunity to ride in an exotic car. This is achieved by teaching them to participate in random acts of kindness over the course of the year where this is hopefully carried on for the rest of their lives.  The kids were all dropped off and checked in at Newtown High School where they were police escorted to the Stop and Shop plaza where the show was held,  getting all the attention these kids deserve from hundreds of spectators.  The show was free and the cars were kept pristine and completely mind blowing.

Enjoy my photos from the Newtown Car Show!